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2023 4月 - 第75页|三一口语
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  • ropeway怎么读英语


    What Is Ropeway? Ropeway is a transportation system consisting of suspended cables, usually in the form of a gondola or cable car, that pulls a ca...

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  • 成人想学英语如何开始


    为什么成人要学习英语 随着全球化的加速,英语已成为国际交流的通用语言,成人想要在职场、旅行、学习等方面取得更大的成功,学习英语已变得尤为重要。此外...

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  • movie怎么读英语


    Introduction Movie is a word that most people are familiar with, as it is a form of entertainment enjoyed by many around the world. However, have ...

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  • dolphin怎么读英语


    Introduction Dolphins are one of the most intelligent and fascinating creatures on the planet. Many people are interested in learning more about t...

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  • 如何将英语学好


    如何将英语学好 英语是全球通用的语言,掌握英语不仅能够为自己的职业发展打下良好基础,还能够更好地融入国际社会。然而,想要将英语学好并不是一件容易的...

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  • cock怎么读英语怎么读


    Introduction Cock is a word that can be pronounced in different ways depending on its context and meaning. In this article, we are going to explor...

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  • province怎么读英语


    Introduction: How to Pronounce Province in English The English language can sometimes be tricky to pronounce, especially for people who are not na...

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  • office怎么读英语


    Introduction Office is a popular software that is widely used in offices all around the world. The software has a variety of advanced productivity...

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  • 成人学英语0基础


    为什么成人需要学习英语? 随着全球化的发展,英语已经成为商务、学术和交流领域的国际通用语言。对于成人来说,学习英语可以为个人职业发展、国际交流、旅...

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  • 白色怎么读英语


    Introduction: 如何正确读音白色 在英语中,白色对应的单词是"white"。这个词的读音不难,但是要注意一些细节,才能真正读好。 The Pronunciation of "W" 在...

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